Newly arrived Djembes and Skins from Guinea

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Lye Konate Carved Djembe ShellWe are very excited to receive a new shipment of Djembes and Skins from Guinea Conakry. Our good friends in Conakry have sent an order to our specific requirements and excelled themselves; so to add to our already wide range of top end Djembes, we’ve been supplied with some of the best looking Djembe shells we’ve ever seen. Made from the best quality dark, hardwood Lenke, the drum bowl and flutes have been intricately carved with beautiful designs by the hands of the infamous Lye Konate. When skinned to our highest standards using the best quality metal, rope and goat or cow skins, these drums will be the some of the best available...

We also now have a good stock of the best quality Djembe and Dundun skins for sale, or if you need a drum repairing, feel free to get in touch for the highest quality and service of Djembe and Dundun repairs.

Drumroots Goat and Cow Skin

3 Responses to Newly arrived Djembes and Skins from Guinea

  1. Ooooohhhhh I’m tempted! AGAIN! Wouldn’t mind having a look some time soon Beej x

    • Really excited about my new drum now – really looking forward to seeing it finished and ready to play when Jamie has skinned it.

      Thanks for putting up with me while I chose it – such a difficult decision, they are all gorgeous! The carvings are magnificent – never seen anything quite like it.

      Thanks guys!
      Marie x

  2. avatar Greg Watson says:

    Really interested in these djembes, would love to come and test play one when they have been skinned and tuned up.
    Please get in touch when they are ready.

    Many Thanks


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