Friday 30 September: Epworth Grange, MHA

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With their oldest resident aged 104, Drumroots were in for a lively afternoon at Epworth Grange in Bury. Home to 24 elderly residents, the staff had organised an “Africa Day”, with an interactive musical morning and lunch, followed by our drum workshop mid afternoon. Drumroots had previously worked over three years with the Tree of Life Wythenshawe, where we taught weekly sessions for a small group of older people. They formed their own performance troupe and eventually ended up playing for the Major of Manchester at the Town Hall! We’d also delivered a long-term project for “Bolton Carers” at Thicketford House for people with dementia with great results..

It was no surprise to see the Epworth Grange group soon beating their drums in perfect time and joining in with two traditional songs. They even joked that we’d brought the unusually hot “African” weather with us, encouraged by the drums! It was so positive to see the stereotype of older people challenged – Epworth Grange showed us a strong and spirited group of people with a heart for music. Thank you to all staff and residents for the warm welcome and that fresh pineapple! We hope you enjoyed the day as much as we did.

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