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Drumroots Team Building Workshop at The Manchester College

Though it may be the summer holidays for some that work in schools and colleges, the September 2012 term for the new academic year is fast approaching and teachers, management and admin staff education centres across the land are busy making plans and preparing for the start of term; staff at Northenden Campus of The Manchester College are no exception. Last week Drumroots were invited along to the campus to give the staff that are based there a break from their meetings and preparation by bringing a fun and interactive session for the staff to create and share with African drumming. (more…)
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Drumroots Workshops at The National Autistic Society Summer Scheme

Drumroots recently enjoyed as series of workshops for a summer scheme ran by the National Autistic Society (NAS) in Knowsley, Merseyside. The scheme is initiated to include children and young people with Autism, Asperses syndrome and other severe learning difficulties in the Knowsely area take part in interactive and lively activities over the summer months when their regular schools are closed for the end term. Within workshops such as these with such a broad mixture of abilities we are able to leave the teaching of African music and just spend time playing the music with participants and see what avenues of music and rhythm we can explore with the children. (more…)
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New Drumroots Pro Djembes and Skins from Guinea In Stock, Order Yours Now!

It’s all go in the Drumroots world at the moment! Plenty of workshops and a few gigs coming up but on top of all that we have received a new batch of pro djembes! Our reliable friends in Guinea Conakry have excelled themselves again and produced an even better batch of high quality Lenke djembes. As ever carved by the infamous Lye Konate and built to our exacting standards; the best quality wood with intricate and beautiful carving, ring shelves and tyres on the bottom. At present, these drums are just shells and waiting to be skinned by our pro drum skinners. We have the best quality materials ready to build them up; hairless goat skins from Guinea, professional djembe specific rope from our friends at Drumskull in The USA and the finest steel for building rings. With our drum skinning skills these djembes will build up to be some of the best available on these shores! (more…)
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Drumroots African Drumming Workshop for Morris Court

John and Theresa from the Drumroots team recently enjoyed running workshops for the people at Irwell Valley’s, Morris Court, Fallowfield. The residents at Morris Court with care support on hand held a summer garden party and we at Drumroots were invited to provide some entertainment by bringing people together with a few short African Drumming sessions. As well as the residents and support workers based at Morris Court, also there were other local Irwell Valley staff and local MP John Leech (Liberal Democrat). At the event there was a barbeque, raffle and of course our workshops. The short drumming sessions where open to all and with a little encouragement all the seats in the drum circle where filled. (more…)
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Drumroots Team Building Workshop for Bio-Rad

We recently enjoyed being a part team building event for the international company Bio-Rad. The annual meeting for the UK branch of Bio-Rad was hosted at the extremely luxurious setting of Shrigley Hall Hotel in Cheshire. We were brought in at the end of their first day of hard meetings and discussions to give the Bio-Rad staff some fun and interactive activities to help them relax and unwind. All the staff were keen and enthusiastic to get their teeth into the session. We had rather longer than unusual for corporate workshop and this enabled us to really take our time in introducing the staff on how to play a djembe, play games with their new found skill and eventually work up to a full piece of African music. (more…)
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