West African Drums For Sale

Fair trade Djembes and percussion from different areas of West Africa

Djembe from GambiaDjembes From Gambia

Quality shells from our wood carver friends in The Gambia and made of bush mango wood; these drums have been further wood-worked and skinned by our team with the best quality skins and rope to give an excellent sound.

Djembe from SenegalDjembes From Senegal

Made from Dimbawood and in a classic Senegalese style, these djembe’s have  good quality skinning jobs with the goat fur left around the rim andare very popular.

Bambara DjembeBambara Djembes

Of Dimbawood in a Malian ‘Bambara’ style shell; these drums are very solid, skinned with the loops and ring showing and with thick goat skins.

Plain Guinean DjembeGuinean Plain Djembes

From our top range of djembe’s, carved from the highest quality ‘Lenke’ hard wood but with no extravagant decorative carvings, they have excellent quality skinning jobs; these drum can be tuned up to be professional standard solo djembes.

Guinean shelf ring DjembeGuinean Ring Shelf Djembes

As above but with an extra shelf or step carved into the bottom of the bowl provides a place for the bottom ring to sit allowing the drum to be tuned perfectly and achieve an even better sound.

Decorative Guinean DjembeGuinean Decorated Djembes

Our top of the range djembes. Carved from Lenke wood with the best quality materials and attention to detail, each with unique decorative carvings around the flute by the renowned carver; Lye Konate.

Djembe bagDjembe bags

We stock a range of drum bags to fit all djembes, including the Stagg Bag range.

Djembe bagGoat Skins

As used on all of our drums; These large hairless goat skins from Guinea have been specially selected for djembes (we also have cow skins available).

Djembe bagDjembe Rope

This pre-stretched, 5mm round profile Nylon rope is made in America specifically for djembe and dundun. Available for purchase by the metre in black or blue.

DundunsDunduns and other African Instruments

We can source and supply dundun sets and other African instruments from cow bells to Koras.  If you’re looking for something in particular don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll try and help.

For further details, please call 0161 408 5270, email [email protected] or fill out our enquiry form.

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