Djembe Tuning, Skinning and Repairs

Professional Djembe servicing, tuning and re-skinning

If you have a djembe that requires repair or re-skinning, Drumroots provides professional djembe servicing and re-skinning which is highly regarded especially by Master Drummers resident in the UK.

Drum Re-skinning
Drum re-skinning starts at £50 (including skin). However, further work and materials may be required or advised (i.e. replacement rope, metal rings and welding, woodwork and body repair) Since drum repair is a fine art and will vary for each instrument, all jobs taken on will be carefully inspected on receipt and quoted accordingly.
We are happy to offer discounts for schools and education centres.

Re-tuning Drum Skins

  • Fine-tuning (including a tuning lesson) £10
  • Full cranking (when uprights need pulling) £20



Drum Repairs
Drumroots are experienced wood and metal workers, so if you have any other problems (cracked shell, broken rings, sharp rim), we'll assess the drum and see how we can help. Please call 0161 408 5270 or email [email protected].

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