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African drumming workshops for corporate team building, performance and training.

We offer drumming workshops for team building, schools, community groups, health care and the general public.

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It’s the beat of the heart; the pulse of the blood; the rhythm of life – a celebration of the spirit as old as mankind. Drumming is a powerful, potent and vital force that Drumroots has harnessed for education and entertainment, for self-expression and self-discovery. So whether you’re enjoying Drumroots for purpose or pleasure, whether you’re participating or listening, let Drumroots music steal into your soul, create energy – put a smile on your face and joy in your heart!

Thank you so much for coming on Wednesday. It was absolutely excellent and everyone LOVED IT!!

Drum Workshops

Based in Manchester, but operating nationwide and abroad, Drumroots is a drumming collective that works closely with local communities, in education and in corporate development. In all these areas, we use the positive power of drumming workshops to deliver real benefits to individuals and groups of widely diverse ages and backgrounds.

Drumming Performers

In addition, Drumroots performs extensively as the celebrated drumming and dance group Tanante, staging spectacular and colourful performances at concerts and clubs, festivals and workshops.

Traditional West African Rhythms

Comprising English and African musicians, Drumroots and Tanante are founded on the drumming and dance traditions of Guinea in West Africa. Focusing on the djembe, we also play other drums and ethnic instruments. Our repertoire embraces not only Guinea, but the whole West African region, celebrating its culture and music in joyous rhythms and electrifying performance.

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What we offer

Working in accordance with your needs, we have the experience and expertise to create a tailor-made programme that addresses your requirements and more than matches your expectations.

African drumming performance

Since 2003, the Drumroots performance group has performed throughout the UK and abroad. Trained by master drummers in West Africa and the UK, they perform with drumming masters, high-energy dancers and guest African musicians playing flutes, koras and balalfons.

Drums for sale & drum repairs

All our djembes are fairly traded and sourced for their quality, with hand-carved drum shells supplied direct from friends, teachers and wood carvers in West Africa. Some drums arrive ready to play, whilst others require hand-finishing and skinning by our Drumroots experts.

Money back guarantee

On all of our drums

If you are not satisfied with the quality or workmanship of any drum purchased through our online shop you can return it for a full refund within 30 days.

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