Drumroots African Drumming Course at The Zion Arts Centre; Performance Showcase (Video)

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We have now completed our six week African drumming course at The Zion Arts Centre! The course was oversubscribed with enthusiastic students of a very broad range of experience and ability. This presented us with one of the most challenging but eventually rewarding courses we have ever run. With a combination of hard work by our students, and us carefully selecting the pieces we chose to teach, as well as how far to push our students, and putting them on parts where they seemed most suited and comfortable; the music progressed well and eventually we ended up a tight and polished performance group just in time!

The pressure was on as the course was always geared up to get the group ready for a performance showcase in one of the many performance spaces in the fantastic Zion Arts Centre building. With this in mind our group worked extremely hard in the relatively short space of time to get ready.

The performance event ran like a dream. The Zion staff as ever were on hand to help us get ready and set up. For the first act we were lucky enough to have good friends and musicians, appearing together live for the first time as a Kora (African harp) Duo; Holly Marland and Jonny Hodgekinson. Their performance got the night going and laid a wonderful ambience in the space as our guest’s, and the friends and family of the course participant arrived to witness this event.

Next up, and with plenty of nerves from our participating students, it was the turn of the workshop group. The result was fantastic with the group performing all three of the fairly complex arrangements that we had taught without a single hitch, putting out a high energy performance, turning all those nerves into buzz and precipitating some rather wild dancing by audience members!

Last of all, to cap the night off and to give the students a chance to unwind and enjoy the some music from a spectator’s point of view was our very own performance group, Tanante with dancing guest artist, Sens Sanga. It had been a while since we last played out and the first time we’d appeared in full force with our newest band member, Anna. The set went as well as we could have hoped and with the excellent energy, singing and cheers from the audience, and finally with a little encouragement it all went off with dancing and partying aplenty making it a joy to perform and a night to remember.

A massive thanks goes out to The Zion Arts Centre for hosting the event and all the staff for being so very helpful, but even bigger thanks goes out to our students who joined the course and played so well, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Please keep an eye on the website for more performances and drumming courses coming very soon. In the meantime, for you regular drumming fix we’re of course running our regular Tuesday night drop-in classes.



5 Responses to Drumroots African Drumming Course at The Zion Arts Centre; Performance Showcase (Video)

  1. Barbara Grimshaw says:

    Looks and sounds fantastic! I’m really sorry I could not join you this time round, hopefully I’ll make the next one. See you soon Babz

  2. Rachael Hall says:

    Thanks soooooooooooooo much for a fabulous course, it really was great! One question…………….when’s the next one. See ya soon xxxxx

  3. Ricci says:

    Still buzzing. Never heard Tanante play before – that was a Revelation!

  4. Hi Guys,

    I have copied and pasted my coment from the previous blog as it seems more fitting here…….

    I would just like to say a massive thank you for such a wonderful evening last Friday.
    As you know I came along to support three of our Kontaani drummers who had attended the course and watch their final performance.
    I can’t begin to tell you what a fabulous time I had.
    The performance was fantastic – I was astounded that all the students had learned 3 completely new numbers in just 6 weeks and played them so well.
    I could clearly see that our 3 had definitely grown in confidence and ability. We are all so shy when it comes to singing but I was amazed to see all three belting out the songs and not an embarassed look in sight – they were having a ball!

    I actually felt sad when it was over but was then treated to an outstanding performance from Tanante who never cease to lift my heart.

    The initial performance by the wonderful Kora players was a lovely gentle lead into a fabulous evening.

    All this great entertainment AND it was free to get in!
    The Zion Arts Centre is a superb venue – lovely friendly staff, great food and reasonable priced bar.

    Congratulations Drumroots! You worked very hard to put it all together and as a member of the audience I can honestly say it was brilliant!
    I hope to attend the next course myself!
    Marie x

  5. Katherine says:

    Thanks Beej, great to watch back. I so enjoyed the drumming. I look forward to learning more dun dun stuff in future!

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