Advanced Drumming Workshops at The Royal Oak.

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Dundun and Djembe ImageLast week we were happy to be returning with another special session at The Royal Oak Pub. This time for all of the more experienced players in Manchester and the surrounding area, we lead an ‘Advanced Drumming workshop’.As ever, these classes are open to all and everyone but, assuming participants will have a higher level of experience, the focus moves away from the basic technique that we ordinarily cover in our introduction workshops, and straight onto more challenging djembe and dundun exercises, techniques, and then spending the majority of the time studying a traditional West African piece.

This time we chose to teach the rhythm ‘Ballane’; a dance mask rhythm from the Hamana region of Guinea, belonging to a Malinke people. We lead the workshop through all full arrangements including an arranged break and song, and everyone had the opportunity to play djembe accompaniments and solo as well as learn all kenkeni, sangbang, and dundunba parts.

Big thanks to all who came along, here is a clip of us playing the same arrangement with our teacher Sipa earlier this year in  Abene, Cassamance, Senegal. If anyone is interested in studying in Abene with Sipa. Please get in touch.


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  1. Really enjoyed this class guys! As always the delivery, support and encouragement from Drumroots was first class. Great venue and fab atmosphere.

    The piece was certainly a challenge at times, but then I feel I learn more when stretched and under pressure!

    Towards the end the fast paced drumming was hard for me to keep up with (tired after a long day and being up since 5.30am) but recording it on the night has meant I can take it home and continue to study it at my own pace which is brilliant. I’m not good at learning complicated rhythms on the spot but taking time at home listening and repeating it works well.

    Singing is not my forte and normally feel very self concious and uncomfortable but I really enjoyed singing along to this joyful piece! That’s a first for me!

    As always, fabulous bunch of people and highly enjoyable evening – can’t wait for the next one.
    Worth every penny and more of the modest fee for a great evening of superb tuition.
    Marie x

  2. Gill Maskew says:

    This was a really useful class. As always, very well organised and expertly led by the Drumroots team. It’s always fascintating to learn a bit about the origins of the rhythm we are learning and to understand where and when it is played. It was a tricky rhythm and it felt like a real achievement to play it right through as we were getting towards the end! Like Marie I’m a bit nervous of vocals (it’s a very British thing I think) but it was so lovely to get everyone singing together !

    I’m glad you posted the video because the 3 I took on the night all came out with no sound….

    Look forward to the next class, and hope to be able to come to a couple of Tuesday classes soon.

    Great value for money tuition, thank you!

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