After Drumroots Live. Thanks to all involved

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As the dust settles around the Platt Chapel, we able to look back at last Friday’s Drumroots Live event with satisfaction that all is done and that the event was a great success. With a descent turn out, spectacular performances and huge effort from all the bands and artists present and a very moving presentation by Aisha from Medecins sans Frontieres, we were able to build a buzzing vibe in the space whilst still remembering why we were there. With the turn out alone we have raised a fair sum but with the many raffle tickets sold we, together have surely amounted a sum that can really make a difference to some people in East Africa, Watch this space for an official amount raised and to be sent to MSF very soon when we’ve totted it all up.

From the Drumroots team goes out a massive thank you to everyone evolved in the night, including; Hazel and Sophie, and all the Platt Chapel Staff, all the bands and artists who Performed for free, Andy Garvey the sound, sound-man for  helping us make noise, everybody who donated and contributed to the raffle (especially Marie Millward, Barbara and Sally Gilford of One69a), the press and film crew, photographers Ric Lowe and Tasha Whittle, and to everyone who attended, danced, shouted, clapped, sung and contributed to this night.

As well as news of the amount we’ve raised to send to MSF, we’ll be bringing you photos, film and recording very soon…

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  1. I have been waiting for you to post this blog Beej, I’m still buzzing about this event.
    20 members of Kontaani came down with the promise of a wonderful night out and were not dissapointed – I have heard nothing but praise for the organisation, superb bands, entertainment and magical venue (what a wonderful space for the arts).

    I for one, danced my sox off, shreeked, whooped, whistled, sang, cheered and clapped my way through the evening – it was fantastic!

    At one point I found myself crying listening to Aisha’s talk and film show on the wonderful work of Medecins Sans Frontieres – it brought it home that we can all have an amazing time whilst making a difference to the lives of others.

    Drumroot’s – pat yourselves on the back for all the hard work, time and effort that you put in to organising a wonderful evening for such a very worthy cause.
    It’s because of the way you guys are along with the tremendous respect you receive and deserve from the drumming community and others that so many are prepared to perform, give time and help to support you in your efforts.

    To all the performers and everyone involved – thank you! – it was a truly brilliant night.

    • Jules Thornton says:

      Absolutely agree with you Marie! Amazing night! A big thanks from me to all for arranging such a wonderful event. Looking forward to the next one!!! 🙂

  2. Aisha says:

    Thanks so much to Drumroots, Platt Chapel, regular performers, guest performers and everyone else involved for organising such a wonderful evening of beautiful drumming in aid of MSF. So far it’s looking like a fantastic fundraising total!
    It was an honour to be invited, and look forward to seeing you guys again sometime
    We’ve posted a few photos on our facebook page here:
    Thank you again from me and everyone here at MSF!

  3. Don Bonex says:

    It was a wonderful event, Beej! Look forward to our planned collaborations in 2012. Matik Music & Arts, Bradford x

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