Book Tanante As Your Wedding Band

So often at weddings you find the norm with background music throughout the day and later, at a wedding party it will descend into cheesy discos or cover bands. However why not make an impact with something a little different….something to really get people up on their feet. Tanante, our African drumming performance group love to play gigs to an audience that loves it We have performed at many weddings and we have never failed to captivate an audience. We can be the best addition to your wedding celebrations, bringing a very special day to a powerful and energetic climax, with all your guests dancing together to the same beat and untied with in each other’s energy and the power of the rhythms.

For anyone who have seen our performance
group, Tanante, play live at a concert, festival or party, you might have felt some of the raw power of this music and why we ourselves are so taken with it and so play every day. So often we play to audiences of fellow drummers or experienced dancers, however some of the best audiences can be people who have never before heard West African drumming. It is with these audiences that we can make the biggest impact.


Weddings are  not  just two a special event in people’s lives but for all that know them, often bringing together a unique mix of friends and relatives into one place, this in turn creates a unique dynamic and something to remember. In our previous wedding performance shows we have seen three generations of family dancing together, bride and groom taking a rather unconventional first dance and guests of all ages and walks of life thrown together to share in celebration.

If you’re planning a wedding party give us a call to make your special day go off with a bang!