Mamady Keita Weekend 2012 Confirmed: Tanante to perform with Iya Sako.

Despite the slow sales of ticket at first, in the early New Year things have picked up and the Mamady Keita Weekend Workshop 2012 and evening performance at Bristol’s DMAC (Dance, Music, Arts Collective) is now confirmed!  For those that don’t know, Madady Keita is the world’s most famous djembe player and teacher and we are lucky enough to have him visit the UK for a weekend of workshops this February. Furthermore, to celebrate the occasion, there will be a full evening of entertainment showcasing some of the best African drumming and dance acts in the country, including including Tolo Ko Tolo, Hamana and our very own Tanante with Iya Sako.

There are still tickets available for both the workshops and the evening performances, so follow the link to the Djembeschool website, click the MK2012 and get it booked. There you can find details for the workshops and the full line up for the evening event.

For any more people traveling down from Manchester, there are a good few people form our circle of friends and students already making the trip down, so please feel free to get in touch and we’ll try and network you with people who may be able to help with a lift share