Drumroots African Drumming Workshop School Assembly (Video)

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Drumroots School AssemblyWe thought it high time we got a video showing an example of the sort of thing that we do in schools up online for you to see. As well as simply delivering workshops in schools we can focus the education to work towards an end performance in a school assembly or after school showcase. This not only helps focus children’s minds (with the thought of the rest of the school or their mum’s and dad’s coming to see them) but it also allows the whole school, teachers and family’s to benefit from a class or year group’s leaning activity. Here is a short clip of a school assembly showing what even very young children can achieve in a very short amount of time (in this case 1.5 hours) and how we can help them bring it to share with the rest of the school. Please forgive us for the poor video and (especially) audio quality, this certainly is not a professional video but should at least give you an idea of what we do. Make sure you what right through to the end and enjoy the audience participation!

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