Drumroots Professional Djembe Drums New for 2012

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Drumroots Professional Djembe DrumFed up with cheap tourist style drums commonly found here in the UK? Drumroots are proud to present our new range of top quality professional djembes. We at Drumroots decided it was time to source and build djembes that are of the highest standard.
It has taken our team over a year to hand pick these hardwood Lenke shells, have them intricately carved with beautiful designs, transport them and finally have them completed here with fitted rings, custom made rope and the finest goat skins. And it has been worth all the time and effort as we now have a full batch of professional Guinea djembes that are unmatched in sound and aesthetics.

If you are interested in purchasing one of our custom drums of the highest quality, please get in touch.

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  1. I am the proud owner of the above pictured drum! This is my third djembe purchased in as many years, and by far the best quality I have bought so far. Although having said that, my second djembe is a hard act to follow having been re-skinned by Jamie about 6 months ago; so in effect I now have two quality Drumroots products. This new drum though is beautiful both aesthetically and audibly – even in my relatively inexperienced hands it produces a solid no-nonsense bass, distinctive tone and cutting slap at both low and high volume levels; ie. all you’d expect from a heavy Lenke shell and quality goatskin. However, as demonstrated by Jamie earlier this evening, in professional hands it produces a veritable concert of distinctive sounds – this drum is definitely not a three-tone trick! I now have the challenge of improving my technique to a point where it is worthy of such an excellent drum – soon to be in regular use with Kontaani (www.kontaani.net) 🙂

  2. I was incredibly lucky to be the first person to buy one of the new drums from Beej and Jamie when they arrived in the UK, therefore having my pick of the most amazing lenke shells I have ever seen.
    Believe me, it took ages to decide on the exact one! I was like a kid in a sweetshop!
    The workmanship of the asthetically perfect hand carvings on the shells is exceptionally beautiful.

    As a tutor and leader of a performance troupe I actually own over 30 drums a couple of which are superb djembe’s but I knew that this one would be my ‘Master djembe of all djembes’ and therefore it was highly important that it was right for me and also that it was skinned to my personal preference.
    After lengthy disscussions with Jamie my drum was finished exactly to my idea of personal perfection. A beautiful white spotted skin with blue/black rope (blue being my favourite colour).
    Apart from looking absolutely amazing the sound it produces is just unbelievable. I can’t imagine ever topping this djembe – it’s very special.

    I feel very priviedged to own such a top quality instrument and buying it has encouraged me to strive to be a much better drummer in order to do it justice.

    It doesn’t come out very often – I have my everyday drums and then there is ‘Merlin’ who no one else is allowed to play – it’s special and it’s all MINE!

    Thank you to Beej and Jamie for sourcing such fabulous top quality drums and giving me the opportunity to own one.

    Marie x
    Founder and Tutor
    Kontaani Drumming Group

  3. Jon Weaver says:

    I am a profesional djembe player so it’s very important for me to have a top quality drum. I bought one of these djembes about a month ago and can sum it up with one word: Wow! This drum ticks boxes I never knew existed. The projection is unbelievable – I can get twice the volume with half the effort. No more bruising my hands when teaching large groups of thirty or more people. But that’s not really why I bought the drum. I bought it because of the quality of sound. The overtone spectrum on this baby is ridiculous. As Paul says several slap harmonics are accessible if you have the chops. Moreoveer the wide shelf at the base of the bowl produces tones that you can feel like small explosions in your solar plexus.

    This drum is better than good. It’s really quite special. Here’s some clips of me playing it at our last gig (I’m on the left). In particular listen to the echauffements for the dance and how the drum starts to sing and resonate:



    • I enjoyed watching your vids Jon – great stuff!
      How the heck do you play standing up with one of those babies though? I can hardly carry mine it’s so solid and sturdy! ha ha
      Marie x

      • Jon Weaver says:

        It’s all about posture really. Although the drum is very heavy it’s well balanced so it’s fine standing as long as I maintain good posture (knees slightly bent, back straight). It was a surprise to me too actually. I thought it would be a nightmare to play standing but apparently not. Glad you enjoyed the vids!

        • Marie Millward says:

          I have yet to master the technique of playing standing up with a harness.
          I do sometimes use a djembe stand though but find this moves around as I play and the drum is not in the perfect position.
          I’ll have go with the new drum now you have pointed out how well balanced the drums are.
          It may just be that I am a weakling of course!

  4. Pete Chapman says:

    Also an early adopter of one of these beasts (and a beast it is.. Big and solid both physically and in sound – it’s awesome).

    The build quality is amazing, anything rough smoothed down before a great skinning job by Jamie and it sounds stunning – the overtone’s are epic!


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