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Solo for the Terrified Success

Hands Playing DjembeLast night we delivered our first independent ‘Solo for the terrified’ workshop outside the festival circuit. The idea and title of this style of workshop was coined by the organisers of African Beats Camp festival; since then we’ve been leading them at the drumming festivals for the last few years. Observing how successful and popular they have been, and having received excellent feedback from many people who have participated; it is clear that djembe players and aspiring soloists all over the place could potentially benefit from these workshops. (more…)

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Drumroots Workshop at Ansel Group Mental Health Clinic

The Ansel Group LogoFor the second time we travelled across to Nottingham to deliver workshops at an Ansel Group clinic; a clinic for men with personality disorders who may have additional complex needs and have challenged other service provision. (more…)

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Tanante back from African Drum Village Festival

We’re back from African Drum Village. I think all that attended know how tricky the weather conditions were but people’s spirits were bright as ever to make this special festival fun and memorable... (more…)

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