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African Drumming workshops at Clifton Primary school

The Drumroots team recently enjoyed a day leading African drumming workshops at the wonderful Clifton primary school. We started the day with an interactive performance for the whole school, encouraging the audience to join in with singing and clapping. We then proceeded to work our way through each class starting with the very young children in reception.


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Mamady Keita Weekend 2012 CANCELED!

Mamady-Keita-Canceled-2012Due to the sad news that Mamady Keita was hospitalised though complications surrounding his known congestive heart disease, the MK2012 weekender has been entirely canceled, including the evening performance programme with Tanante with Iya Sako.

Like everyone we are very sad and shocked by this news and also disappointed that it cannot go ahead. Our thoughts and wishes are with Mamady, and hope he has a speedy recovery. Thanks to Djembeschool and all involved for organising the weekend and bad luck that all your efforts were thwarted by the affliction. We hope that you’re not dispirited and re-organise the event when Mamady returns to good health.

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Mamady Keita Weekend 2012 Confirmed: Tanante to perform with Iya Sako.

Despite the slow sales of ticket at first, in the early New Year things have picked up and the Mamady Keita Weekend Workshop 2012 and evening performance at Bristol’s DMAC (Dance, Music, Arts Collective) is now confirmed!  For those that don’t know, Madady Keita is the world’s most famous djembe player and teacher and we are lucky enough to have him visit the UK for a weekend of workshops this February. Furthermore, to celebrate the occasion, there will be a full evening of entertainment showcasing some of the best African drumming and dance acts in the country, including including Tolo Ko Tolo, Hamana and our very own Tanante with Iya Sako.

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Tanante to Perform at The Mamady Keita Weekend 2012.

This coming February the UK will see a return visit from a very special West African djembe fola, none other than Mamady Keita! It’s been a long time since he’s been on these shores and it’s a very special opportunity to learn djembe and dundun from Mamady, who is now widely regarded as one of the greatest teachers of traditional djembe music in the world. Organised by the good people down south at Djembeschool, this full weekend event will be hosted in Bristol, February 2012. Held at DMAC  (Dance, Music, Arts Collective), the weekend will consist of daytime 2.5 hour workshop sessions on Saturday and Sunday pitched at intermediate and advanced levels. On the Saturday night there will be a full performance programme with a line up including Tolo Ko Tolo, Hamana, Swedish dancer Sara Galan and our very own Tanante with Iya Sako. (more…)

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