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Maitre Samsou and The Beat Artists Performance 27th Oct 2012: African Dance Party (Video)

The Beat Artistes are back! With our African Drumming Master Samsou, we've been working hard over the summer in preparation for this event. Our new set raises the bar with heavy African rhythms, polished arrangements and choreographed dance moves. We’re really looking forward to taking this practice public, and what better place to do it than at a happening new African Dance Party event. Joining us for the event and on the bill will be the outstanding African Drumming troupe, Kontaani. This hard working collective from Macclesfield are incredible to watch and perform with awesome energy and good vibes. There will also be an early evening dance workshop to kick things off and later on DJ’s playing a range of quality African dance music. Just to wet your appetite, here’s a video of one of the Beat Artistes, featuring Iya Sako, recent performances at Manchester’s Parklife festival. Watch the video then read on for details of the African Dance party, we’ll see you there! (more…)
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Proceeds from Drumroots Live £950.80 go to MSF! (Photos and Video)

It’s nearly a month since Drumroots Live, held at Manchester’s fine venue: The Platt Chapel. This charity event held was to raise money and give all proceeds to Médecins Sans Frontières MSF (Doctors Without Borders) for their work in helping bring aid to people affected in the current East-African crisis. For those who didn’t know or missed this event, a short recap:

As you no doubt know there has been and is a huge amount of difficulty and problems in East Africa. These problems are not only the cause of on-going conflict and mismanagement, but the addition of one of the worst droughts in the countries history. Though the relatively recent rains may have eased the drought at least, the problems continue and the on-going, compassionate work of groups and organisations bringing much needed aid to the affected areas are essential. (more…)

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Drumroots to the Kontaani Workshop Group: FINALLY! (Video)

This has been a long time in coming, and much looked forward to! We’ve known Marie and Debs who organise and run Kontaani for quite some time now, firstly though our workshops and the festival network, but increasingly for their massive support for what we do, attending many of our events, workshops and private lessons, but they most notably stand out for their huge enthusiasm for this music on a scale on a par with our own and it’s something we rarely see. Over all this time getting to know them, and more recently some of the other Kontaani team we’ve talked and enthused much over the idea of going along to lead a workshop at one of the regular Kontaani public workshops. Having found a date that we’re all free, last night Jamie and I travelled up to quiet and peaceful Langley Village Hall, above Macclesfield to deliver a Drumroots Djembe and Dundun workshop and to temporarily make Langley not quite so peaceful! With Marie’s worries that many of their enthusiastic regulars were unable to make it, we were expecting a fairly small class but were happily surprised to receive a room full in which there wasn’t space for many more. (more…)

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Solo for the Terrified Success

Hands Playing DjembeLast night we delivered our first independent ‘Solo for the terrified’ workshop outside the festival circuit. The idea and title of this style of workshop was coined by the organisers of African Beats Camp festival; since then we’ve been leading them at the drumming festivals for the last few years. Observing how successful and popular they have been, and having received excellent feedback from many people who have participated; it is clear that djembe players and aspiring soloists all over the place could potentially benefit from these workshops. (more…)

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