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New Pro djembes available

After a long wait, Drumroots are excited to announce that our brand new stock of professional, African djembe drums are now available to buy. It has taken us longer than usual to get these beautiful drums shipped here because of problems with shipping due to the COVID 19 pandemic, but it's well worth the wait. Each drum has been skillfully crafted by our colleagues in Conakry, Guinea, using a range of African hard woods (Lenke, Hare and Djalla) and only the best quality skins, rings and rope. Please get in touch for more details.
Also, don’t forget that Drumroots also stock the best quality Protection Racket Djembe
and run a mail order service to send drums out wherever you are.
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Drumroots new pro djembe range 2017

Here at Drumroots we are proud to announce that we have another brand new stock of top quality, professional, African djembe drums that have just arrived here from Guinea that are now available to buy. As well as our top of the range goat skin djembes, we have now introduced some truly awesome sounding calf skin djembes. All these drums are made of top quality hardwoods, beautifully carved and decorated and have been skinned with supreme skill and attention to detail by our colleagues in Conakry, Guinea.


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New 2014 Drumroots Professional African Djembe Drums For Sale

Drumroots are proud to introduce our brand new stock of professional African djembe drums. Built to our exacting requirements, this range of djembes are built from a range of quality African hard woods (Lenke, Balafon and Djalla), have the very best quality skins, rings and rope, and all skilfully carved by our friends in Guinea Conakry. On this occasion, the Drumroots team were able oversee this shipment of drums on our recent travels to West Africa and before they were shipped over by our Guinean colleagues. While observing work that goes into these special instruments, we were able to input some of the finer details of our specialist requirements of carving, skinning and finishing in order to bring you the very best djembes available. Our extra work and attention to detail on this shipment of drums was certainly a sound investment of time as we feel that this is the very best set of drums that we have ever received and we are extremely excited to show them off! (more…)
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Drumroots to Stock Protection Racket Djembe Bags (Custom Bags Now in Stock!!!!)

Protection Racket LogoWe are pleased to announce that we will now be stocking Protection Racket drum bags. Seeing as we import and build up some of the best quality djembes available on these shores, we though it would be best to get hold of the best quality bags too! As any djembe player knows if you have djembe that is your prized possession, you’d do anything to keep it safe and sound, well those in the know will tell you that protection Racket bags are the best bet. (more…)
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New Drumroots Pro Djembes and Skins from Guinea In Stock, Order Yours Now!

It’s all go in the Drumroots world at the moment! Plenty of workshops and a few gigs coming up but on top of all that we have received a new batch of pro djembes! Our reliable friends in Guinea Conakry have excelled themselves again and produced an even better batch of high quality Lenke djembes. As ever carved by the infamous Lye Konate and built to our exacting standards; the best quality wood with intricate and beautiful carving, ring shelves and tyres on the bottom. At present, these drums are just shells and waiting to be skinned by our pro drum skinners. We have the best quality materials ready to build them up; hairless goat skins from Guinea, professional djembe specific rope from our friends at Drumskull in The USA and the finest steel for building rings. With our drum skinning skills these djembes will build up to be some of the best available on these shores! (more…)
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